5 Soul Crushing Internet Marketing Myths

Every day more information about Internet marketing and the online marketing lifestyle is made available. The problem is that it can be difficult to know who to trust. For every accurate, valuable statement there are a trove of partial truths and a few outright lies. This largely stems from Internet marketers making broad generalizations about very specific topics. While many of these myths will have very little impact on your Internet marketing experience, there are a handful which can be particularly problematic if you buy into them.


1. My Way is the Best Way

The most dangerous Internet marketing myth is that one particular strategy or tactic is “the best”. There are so many variables that play into whether or not an Internet marketing campaign is effective that it is impossible to identify a single best solution. Website design is an excellent example of this. For every best practice that is published, there are examples where the best practice failed. The easiest way to dispel this myth is to do some testing on your own to decide whether or not a particular strategy works well for you. Trust your own data!

2. All Traffic is Created Equal

Another popular myth is that all traffic is created equal. It is easy to get caught up focusing on the volume of traffic you generate because tracking volume is easy to do. Unfortunately, certain types of traffic will inherently convert better than others. In the most basic sense, warm leads will always convert better than cold traffic. For example, sending someone on your e-mail list to a targeted offer will always provide better conversion rates than randomly getting traffic from anywhere and everywhere. While you should always strive to generate more traffic, take care to place emphasis on traffic generation tactics that provide the best ROI.

3. High Rankings = High Profits

A disproportionately large number of online marketers will always place a high value on high search engine rankings. This is because they believe that higher rankings necessarily mean more profits. While this generality may have a kernel of truth, it masks a particularly problematic issue. The key isn’t ranking high for any random keyword, but to rank high for keywords that convert into leads or sales. The total traffic volume a keyword can generate plays into the equation as well.

4. Internet Marketing is So Easy Anyone Can Do It

This myth is one of the most interesting ones because there is some truth to it. The fundamentals of Internet marketing are fairly straightforward and potentially anyone could start generating income. The problem is most people extrapolate this to mean anyone can become a millionaire overnight, which isn’t the case. Internet marketing is just like any other type of skill. To be successful, you need an effective strategy and the willingness to learn and do what it takes to turn a profit.

5. _____ Is “Dead”

bart simpson death

The final myth is an all-encompassing statement which pops up several times a year. It seems like a tried-and-true online marketing method is always officially dead or least dying. It was that about e-mail marketing when social media became popular and about SEO after the Penguin and Panda updates. The truth is timeless strategies will always be useful, although the overall level of effectiveness will shift over time.

The easiest way to overcome any Internet marketing myth you encounter is by just trying it yourself. Only by testing strategies on your own will you be able to determine whether or not they are beneficial to your online business or effective within your niche.

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